• Install Django Compressor with your favorite Python package manager:

    pip install django_compressor
  • Add 'compressor' to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

        # other apps
  • See the list of Settings to modify Django Compressor’s default behaviour and make adjustments for your website.

  • In case you use Django’s staticfiles contrib app you have to add Django Compressor’s file finder to the STATICFILES_FINDERS setting, like this:

        # other finders..
  • Define COMPRESS_ROOT in settings if you don’t have already STATIC_ROOT or if you want it in a different folder.



In case you’re installing Django Compressor differently (e.g. from the Git repo), make sure to install the following dependencies.

  • django-appconf

    Used internally to handle Django’s settings, this is automatically installed when following the above installation instructions.

    pip install django-appconf


  • BeautifulSoup

    For the parser compressor.parser.BeautifulSoupParser and compressor.parser.LxmlParser:

    pip install "BeautifulSoup<4.0"
  • lxml

    For the parser compressor.parser.LxmlParser, also requires libxml2:

    STATIC_DEPS=true pip install lxml
  • html5lib

    For the parser compressor.parser.Html5LibParser:

    pip install html5lib
  • Slim It

    For the Slim It filter compressor.filters.jsmin.SlimItFilter:

    pip install slimit