Facebook React Support

Assuming you have npm available, you can install babel via npm install -g babel and integrate React with Django Compressor by following the react-tools installation instructions and adding an appropriate COMPRESS_PRECOMPILERS setting:

   ('text/jsx', 'cat {infile} | babel > {outfile}'),

If the above approach is not suitable for you, compiling React’s jsx files can be done by creating a custom precompressor.


  • PyReact>=0.5.2 for compiling jsx files

  • PyExecJS>=1.1.0 required by PyReact (automatically installed when using pip)

  • A Javascript runtime : options include PyV8, Node.js, PhantomJS among others

The full list of supported javascript engines can be found here:



  1. Place the following code in a Python file (e.g. third_party/react_compressor.py). Also make sure that third_party/__init__.py exists so the directory is recognized as a Python package.

from compressor.filters import FilterBase
from react import jsx

class ReactFilter(FilterBase):

    def __init__(self, content, *args, **kwargs):
        self.content = content
        super().__init__(content, *args, **kwargs)

    def input(self, **kwargs):
        return jsx.transform_string(self.content)
  1. In your Django settings, add the following line:

    ('text/jsx', 'third_party.react_compressor.ReactFilter'),

Where third_party.react_compressor.ReactFilter is the full name of your ReactFilter class.


If you get “file not found” errors, open your Python command line and make sure you are able to import your ReactFilter class: